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Sometimes I love to start new accounts. I love the idea of the iron man modes. I want to be able to select between normal, iron man, hardcore iron man, and others. I want my character with my name and password combo to be able to play all of these modes. With different, banks, skills, and quests obviously. So in short, from the log in screen select normal or iron man modes and log into the corresponding account, with the same name and password. Please tell me what you think, if I am not clearly describing my thoughts, or if you can already do this. Thank you for your time and consideration.

13-Dec-2018 13:51:41

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Sounds like you want standard features of most other MMORPGs (multiple characters, one account), so I understand.

I would assume it to be possible, but not something Jagex would ever work on. Unless they started charging money for it.

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