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My recommendations at the bottom of this post are always based on
, & assume you don't have combination runes such as Lava runes.

If this post is not up to date, check
here or the post below it.
Thanks Tiamat!
Tiamat Rider said:
Combination for Saturday the 9th

Slot 1:

- Water ( earth* 24, body* 29 )

Slot 2:

- Air
- Cosmic ( death 29, air 26 )
- Death ( air* 22, water 26 )

Slot 3:

- Is
(Unless you have the Runecrafting Skillcape! :D)

Alts are listed in order of cost-efficiency! Lost wax is included.

* = only use if ironman
For highest profit:
Water in Slot 1.
Air in Slot 2 if green, else Death.
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[For Thrusday, 24-JAN-2019]

My 100 Wax combo was: Water - Mud - Body.

In my case, I found Law gave 27/30 for Mud, so:

Slot 2:

- Mud (Body 29, Law 27)

Remember, it is usually a good idea to give 2 (sometimes 3) alts for the no-go runes like Muds.

Thank you for your efforts.

24-Jan-2019 07:33:40

Sauce Boss94
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Feb 3rd

Slot 1: Fire

Slot : Either a combo rune or Soul Rune is max (Chaos 29)

Sorry, I don't even try combos anymore. Luckily I got 99 so it's easy enough!
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03-Feb-2019 01:08:14

Lord Tharkon
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Saturday 9 February
Air gave me 17 in 2nd slot.
Water gave me 11 in 2nd slot (assuming Earth is 24 in 1st).
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09-Feb-2019 12:55:25

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