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I usually don't really take the effort to comment on threads, but because of my love for EOC PVP i just felt that i had to ;)

Awesome guide, I must admit it was a lot to read, but i read most of it.

One of the struggles i've had was finding the right gear to go pk in the wildy, could maybe add to your guide in the future if you like :p.

Another thing i would like to add is that when your protection prayer gets disabled cause of snipe or whatever, you can also just enable soulsplit and time when to enable your protection prayers again. It's not gonna help an immense much, but from experience, the slightest hp may help in PVP.

I'd also would like to have a set of people to train with (at Clan Wars) to improve so if someone is interested, can always add me ingame.


06-Jan-2019 10:17:55

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