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Welcome to NemiForest fc thread!

"NemiForest" FC - For your Goebie needs!

We are a FriendChat for the Nemi Forest that aims to help the community by hosting forests with all of the 9 unique nodes that can be found in the forest, allowing people to complete the D&D in one go.

Finding the nodes is a daily activity which grants
Mazcab reputation
experience points
in Prayer, Farming, Mining and Dungeoneering. Reputation progressively unlocks Mazcab and Raids related rewards such as ability to reroll Raids rewards, own a POH on Mazcab and the ability to fast travel around Mazcab with the use of Goebie Rangers.

Nemi Forest instances are generated randomly, similarly to dungeoneering floors, each with a unique layout and a different number of Nodes. Our goal as a FriendChat is to find a forest instance which has all of the 9 nodes and host it for as long as possible by keeping someone in the forest as long as they are willing to be, to prevent it from resetting.

We also have a subreddit
where you are able to find maps for the current world, which will help you complete the D&D with more ease.


- Each node gives 5 Mazcab Reputation – this equates to 45 Mazcab Reputation per day from the nodes
- Each node gives xp in a respective skill (seen below)
- Each of Trinks’ Tasks gives 15 Mazcab Reputation – 45 Mazcab Reputation per day from completing 3 of Trinks’ Tasks who is located in Kanatah
- A maximum of 5000 Mazcab Reputation is currently needed to unlock all the rewards.

Nodes will grant experience points dependant on your skill level:


- Dead Monk
- Explorer
- Water Pool
- Obelisk


- Mysterious Flowers
- Mushrooms
- Fungal Growth


- Red Rocks


- Chest

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What is allowed:

- Asking for a world
- Asking for help with Mazcab Content
- Calling a world
- Calling or asking supply run (GoebieBands) worlds
- Free talk as long as it doesn't disrupt the fc's primary purpose

What is not allowed:

- Any flaming, swearing, spamming or other disrespectful behaviour
- Any political or religious discussion
- Deliberately calling false worlds
- Pking other fc members in GoebieBands (Supply Runs)
- Selling or buying Krar Jnr pet spawns

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How are you able to help?

Please remember that any contribution to the FriendChat is purely voluntary.


If there is no world that is currently being hosted, you are able to hunt for a forest by running through forest instances and counting how many nodes it has. If the instance does not have all of the nodes then you are able to reset the forest by either switching to a different world or leaving the forest and re-entering (this does not work if there is still someone in the forest after you have left). Throughout the forest you will encounter certain barriers and obstacles that can be removed if you have the correct tool.

Barrier – Tool:

- Web – Burning Log
- Barricade – Mysterious Axe
- Pillars – Lightning
- Bound Logs – Raider Axe
- Mysterious Statues – Mysterious Staff
- Portal – Goebie

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Hosting/Krar Jnr Hunting:

If there is already a world, you can offer to host it. Hosting consists of staying in the instanced forest to prevent it from resetting. If you log out or leave the forest and there is nobody else in the forest then the forest will reset. To spend your time efficiently while hosting, we recommend that you either fletch broad arrows, alch items or disassemble items while hosting. An alternative way to host that can be the most effective is to use an alternate account to host while you play on your main account(s) so that you do not interrupt your normal gameplay. Hosting a forest is the best way to potentially receive the illusive Krar Jnr pet. If the pet spawns, a game message will appear saying that
“You hear a howling in the distance!”
and it will roam around the forest until it is interacted with or the forest resets. The first person to interact with a wild Krar Jnr will unlock the pet in their follower pet interface.


If there is a world being hosted, but no map to accompany it on the subreddit
then you are able to map the forest and post it to reddit (requires a reddit account) which will help other people to know of the forest and help them find the locations. To make the map there is a Map Package stickied on the subreddit that has all the assets and instructions needed to make a high quality map with low levels of stress involved. Once the map has been made, you are able to upload the image to a website such as imgur and then “Post a Forest and Map* and link the map you have made, title the post with the world, quantity of nodes and that the post includes a map.

If you have any issues or questions, please ask one of the FriendChat Generals:
- Loppuvastus
- Bit of Class
- Oreant
- Refenej

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