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The largest and best Hardcore Ironman only clan in Runescape!

We're a group of risk takers and thrill seekers. We live on the edge and earn our keep.

All our members are dedicated and skilled, (or hilariously inept... for a short time) so our chat and forums usually have great discussion! We have skilling events, PVM events, PVP Events(Safe pvp of course), and if someone we love dies we'll throw them a funeral. Ironman do not have to be an endeavor of solitude!

To become a member of Iron Coffin, you must have a seal of the hardcore, that RED SKULL in front of your name.

Our clan motto is NO SKULL, NO SKILL.

Can you take on the challenge of a Hardcore Ironman, and join the elite?

Join Iron Coffin today!


Rob Cat

Deputy Owner-
KiraFrost, Softcore Jim

not dead 2, semper afk



All you need to join is a red skull next to your name


(All ranks are based off XP earned in the clan)
Recruit- 0 xp
Corporal- 5m xp
Sergeant- 15m xp
Lieutenant- 25m xp
Captain- 50m xp
General- 100m xp



A link to the discord channel will be given open request


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27-Jul-2017 01:01:07

Mr Zeke
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Mr Zeke

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Hey, I was wondering is this also a F2P clan as my alt is a Hardcore Ironman, only about 150 skill total atm as started it yesterday night but looking for a hardcore clan.
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28-Jan-2018 12:03:58

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