Cant Start Sliskes Endgame!

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Long ago i detroyed my relomias message since it said i could go to her in Draynor to start the quest. But when I do, she sends me straight to the heart and the final battle. I completed that and it was the replay (i got the lamp and cosmetic outfit).
But i still can't play the actual quest. She's still in Draynor and sending me to the heart. The quest overview wont let me start, she wont, and I dont know how to get the message back. What am I missing? Help!!!

14-May-2019 17:30:03

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I was trying to replay sliske's endgame and found the same issue. I don't have an option to start it, when I talk to Relomia. I sure hope they fix this soon.

28-May-2019 02:50:47

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