Farming chimes

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For the last week or so, I've been actively farming chimes for the Arc achievements and actually have unlocked quite a few things already. To unlock everything I need about 115k more.

It's time consuming, it really is. I manage around 25k a day, on average, by doing contracts, doing large uncharted islands, depleting everything there and making shark soups (only thing I don't do is hunt and I just transmute wobeggon oil for the shiny tortle bowls) and sparing around 2-3k a day to buy new supplies, the rest I use for unlocking stuff.

Reading some guides, the general opinion seems to be that just fishing and then making oil is faster chimes per hour, but I need some sort of variety, otherwise I'd just die from boredom.

Any tips for better, less time consuming and not so boring ways of farming chimes? What do you do to unlock stuff from Boni?

15-Mar-2019 06:46:32

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