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CuddleBucket said:
SAMURAl said:
Why were the shiny POF animal eggs taken off GE so unexpectedly? I had a lot of money invested in these so am fairly disappointed in their sudden removal. Would have been nice to have had a heads up so that I could have liquidated my stock instead of now owning hundreds of millions worth of untradable eggs.
They were never tradeable on the ge.
They are still tradeable person to person.
The common place for this is POF W2.

They were tradeable on the GE prior to getting taken off. Araxyte Spider Egg (unchecked) was going for around 2-3m, and are exclusively dropped from Araxxi. Royal Dragon Egg (unchecked) was going for hundreds of millions (I don't know exactly as I was unable to buy one after the stock dried up), and are exclusively obtained from the Trapper farmhand at a drop rate of 1 in 1,001,001. I'm glad I didn't have any Royal Dragon Egg (unchecked), but it's quite annoying to get an Araxyte Spider Egg (unchecked) from Araxxi now.

Getting an Araxyte Spider Egg (unchecked) after the removal from the GE, is like getting stone spirits, lol. The same with Royal Dragon Egg (unchecked) if you're lucky enough to get one from the Trapper farmhand. Good luck selling that in W2... to a non-collector.
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