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tfw you can't think of any logical arguments so you resort to insults.

Good luck with this "new strategy" that everyones going to be a part of.

It will NEVER pass a poll lol.

Edit: also i love how your ignoring the biggest counter arguments we're providing in the hopes no-one will notice that you havent annswered the biggest flaws with this.

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@Emperor Dupe

If you are going the throw insults at everyone that posts then I'll lock this thread.

You have been Warned enough to behave when using these forums.

Post 1 page back removed for Flaming.
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While i have not read every single post to fully get the convo, just from my own opinion i dont think this would be a bad idea nor too far of a stretch.

Lets think about what the "pvp team" has done or hasnt done for this game so far?

It took them years to finally help players against rushing which is the most dumbest and toxic method of avoiding a fight you can have in any game, and majority of games already have things that prevents you from doing something like this, yet it took years for this to be looked into, and yes it was a problem for way too long and still is.

They are introducing weapons without quest requirements when original OSRS had quest requirements for almost everything, especially new content.

The PvP dev team simply either is too small therefor not affective at all, or out of touch with whats currently happening in the game ******Beyond DMM game mode which seems to be getting way too much attention******

The pvp balance is the worst it has ever been, gmaul is still broken, a 30k 50 attack weapon req is the best weapon in the game for sub 90 combat pking which is beyond sad that its this viable.

Overall, while i dont fully agree with all of what TS has been saying, the dev team has not been doing a good job in terms of PvP balancing and content for OSRS and not DMM, therefor i totally would not mind to see changes in the team to see what new ideas can be presented to help sustain population in PvP and especially the wildy.

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EmperoráDupe said:
- Removing Looters.

Only way this is achievable, I reckon, is that a PvP drop will only be visible to the one who made the most damage to a target.

I like it. A lot of items would be sunk out of the economy, especially for double KO.
Never drop a valuable item.

Ikki blaka ni­ur vir­ismikil ting.

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