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Hi RuneMetrics users!

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback on RuneMetrics so far. Based on all of your comments we've made these improvements recently:

- You can now search for and view other players in the web app, just like in Adventurer's Log
- The in-game graphs are now colour coded by skill
- A number of bugs in the kill log have been fixed (eg QBD kills not showing)
- The web app Levels page now shows progress to levels beyond 99

We are now working on:
- Making it possible to view player profiles without being logged in
- Moving the remaining Adventurer's Log features in to RuneMetrics (quests, monthly XP gains, 3D character, friends list and friends activity).
- Ways to show how much of your XP gain was bonus XP and how much was reward XP (eg from lamps) - DONE!
- Merging some of the duplicates in the kills/drop log together
- more things!

We are keeping a close eye on this forum so please continue to send us your feedback.
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I don't like the idea of showing how you got the xp but hopefully nobody else can see that and glad its optional...

Agree with the duplicates being removed TBH...

TY for all the fixes even if I can't use most of them.

I've been Pro since BXP weekend, used 4 pro trial codes, and 1 bond so far. I think its safe to say I'll probally use at least 1 more bond just to look at the ingame graphs....


24-Mar-2016 22:58:26

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If quests make it in I'll be so happy. I do alot of research for my clanmates when it comes to quests, and seeing which ones they've already done is a really important thing.

31-Mar-2016 02:29:13

Mod Rascasse

Mod Rascasse

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New features!

We've just added the following new features:

Pro users can now see how much of their XP gain was bonus or reward XP

Pro users can now see a summary of their XP Split on their profile page
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