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Hey everyone,

How do you remove the XP Tracker that comes free to all players. I am able to get it to only display XP but when right clicking and choosing "Remove XP Column" it does not disappear. I can also not move it at all. My screen is unlocked as well.

I also do not see a way to hide it within the Rune Metrics settings. I was only able to reduce the maximum skill rows to 1 to only display the XP.

Thanks in advance!

04-Jul-2017 08:00:30

Wrthlss Noob

Wrthlss Noob

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Click on the RuneMetrics button in your toolbar in the bottom right hand portion of your screen (the bottom button that looks like an "M" ) . On the right side of the interface is a bunch of options with checkboxes next to them. Uncheck the one labeled "Lightweight Mode" and then exit this window.

You will now notice that the XP Tracker has a more solid window with an X in the upper right hand corner. Click the X.


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Thanks. unchecked Lightweight Mode and unlocked the padlock and the X appeared so I could remove it from my screen. I had forgotten how to move the Runemetrics XP Tracker and found this thread.
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