Mobile won't let me reinstall.

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Pingu Lad
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Pingu Lad

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Looking for a bit of guidance here, had an issue with my mobile which meant I had to delete and install runescape mobile again, when i tried to install the game back on to my device, my device isn't compatible apparently.. please help me out as a big part of my play time is on mobile and it's making it harder for me to play the game I love!

15-Apr-2019 16:10:09

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Thread moved to the moved to the RuneScape Mobile Testing Forum.

As mentioned in the RuneScape Mobile FAQ | Technical article:
"Why does it say my device doesn't support RuneScape Mobile?
Subject to ongoing performance and compatibility improvements, at present, some devices will not be able to install or update to the latest version; apologies for any inconvenience. We're aiming to increase compatibility moving forward."

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15-Apr-2019 21:40:09

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