Fix lag and add sheithing plz!

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Hex 0mega

Hex 0mega

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Hello. So over about 2 months or so since I've been able to play on my phone, Burthorpe, Falador, and the Tears of Guthix area to name a few are so laggy they are practically un-navigable. It was just all I could do to turn in my challenge in Burthorpe on a world with 80 players with not a soul in Burthorpe itself, so theres absolutely no reason for it to lag. Tons of things still show up pure white or just as colored squares, and there has still been no option added for mobile players to sheith weapons. Its a little irritating becuase theres been no update this week and about the past 3 or 4 updates or more have had no impact on any of these issues. Rather than sheith my weapons, I just gotta have nothing equipped to activate my proud walk which is wildly irritating. As others have suggested, long pressing the combat icon at the bottom left would be the perfect place to put it and its crazy that its not there after like 8 months. Please at least get on top of the sheithing... The rendering and lag issues are tricky becuase of the vast variety of mobile devices, but sheithing should be a breeze and would be something that should be present on all the devices in one go. "Crawling from hell
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