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when player added to ignore list, clan list still show world.
FIX: Dont show world in clan chat list for players who are in Ignore list.

This can help hunt rat-players, when you added one, then next until u know which player share you world for wild troll.

sry for bad english.

EDIT: or more simple solution, just hide world number in fc/cc list while player in wilderness.
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Makes sense, I guess. If you block someone, even someone in your clan, they shouldn't be able to find your world by any means.

That being said I feel like putting your online status to nobody would be more effective.

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I hadn't actually thought of this before. It makes a lot of sense for the world to be hidden from those you have ignored, otherwise they can track you down etc.

I think it would be quite difficult to implement is the only problem. At the end of the day if you do have them ignored, even if they find you in game and follow you around you can't see what they are saying etc, so there would be no communication that would offend you and they would eventually get bored haha
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