Divine ore rocks are bad.

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To put it bluntly, you shouldn't need in the UPPER 90's to TRANSMUTE RUNITE ORE ANY MORE. (Also SIX adamant ore, and 10 incandescent energy cmon.)

Considering *MOST* of the new ores are missing, save for Luminite at a fairly respectable level for the ore itself. This should DEFINITELY be given a face-lift to match the correct-ish ore level ranges for the new ores, with new divine locations and transmutations.

Not to be blunt here, but I could see a viable use of Stone Spirits to be used FOR THIS EXACT THING.
Here's an idea, transmute stone spirits into ores.

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Yes, divination is behind the times on the mining and smithing rework.

Personally I don't think transmutation will ever be a viable method of gaining higher level ores because divine energy is too valuable and mining is too easy.

And transmuting stone spirits into ore... Again, divine energy being valuable and mining being easy makes this seem unlikely to me.

Honestly transmutation is a complete flop of a concept in my opinion. I don't know of anything worth transmuting instead of just harvesting the higher tier resource. Divine energy is too valuable to waste like that.

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They didn’t add new metals because they wanted to let the market settle naturally.

Adding in transmutation sets price floors for items.

I.E. 6 Adamantite ore are almost never worth more than 1 Runite ore.
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