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Runite Duck

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I'm sure this has been recommended, but I'm not reading all of the recommendations brought up.

In the exploration section of the achievement list, I think it'd be really swell if you added the priffidinas as one of the places with easy - elite tasks.
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06-Feb-2019 18:14:15

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i would like to see an addition to the quiver to make it feel worth the grind. i would like to see the ability to add more than 1 ammo type into it at once MAVERlCK pvm fc

08-Mar-2019 05:24:49

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A Lovely Pair-oah: Have a fully grown Cactus, Potato Cactus, or Prickly Pear in both the Al-Kharid and Menaphos farming patches.
Enraptored: Unlock the Raptor's Advanced Outfit, or wear it if it is already unlocked.
The Good Stuff: Drink each of the following Mature ales: (basically an addition to Gielinorian Cuisine, except it's for all of the possible Brews, or could be a standalone Cooking achievement to brew them all yourself)
Tinker Tonnes: Successfully discover all of the possible Invention Blueprints.
I Grappled With This One For A While: Build, and fill, every Agility shortcut Hidey-Hole.
Scrim Age: Complete all of the Scrimshaw scrolls in the Player-Owned Port minigame.
Scrolling Scrolling Scrolling: Complete all of the scrolls from the Player-Owned Port minigame.

12-Apr-2019 19:18:00

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