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Clan Requirements
1. Recruit New Players for Every New Person You Recruit we will Pay 200k in Game Currency
2. Participate in Clan Chat
o This doesn’t mean you have to talk in clan chat every time you’re online, but to make your presence aware to the rest of the group helps a lot. Checking clan chat while you’re online every once in awhile is also a good idea to make sure you are up to date on clan events.
Those are the only two minimum requirements to be a part of our clan! The other checkpoints listed below are for those who wish to rank up in the clan and play a bigger role.
3. Attend clan meetings
o Clan meetings are important, so we can decide which direction we should be headed, to organize clan events, clan wars, and so other members can provide input on how we can make the clan better. Everyone’s voice is equal in this clan all the way from the Owner to a Recruit (of course higher ranks will be taken more seriously, but that doesn’t mean we don’t listen to recruits either. Rank is just that – a rank – so during our clan meetings/events you’re treated as an equal. Nobody pulls rank on each other in this clan, otherwise you will be kicked.
4. Attend Clan Events
o This has already been stated above, however for those who help to actually get more Recruits will Rank up in the Clan.
5. Home World [3]
Fishing, Woodcutting,Smithing, Minning, Fletching
We mainly want to focus on Helping Each other and we our Runescape 3 Clan so come join us

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