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Hey guys, I currently run a clan of about 95 ish and I devoted a lot of time to it over the summer to start it and help it grow but now with being in classes I need a little help keeping her going. I'm just looking for a social player to run the clan and try to make it fun like I do. You'll hold the role of Owner and I'll put your name on the vex, you'll have the responsibility too. Reply or message me if you're interested, I am also looking into changing the name and
so you can help with that too :) Thanks for your time, have a great day!

15-Oct-2017 19:38:16

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hi Andrew, you will likely have more success talking to your existing clan and checking if any of them want to help you with the running of the clan. If not and you have to bring someone in from outside, remember that once you give them ownership, the clan becomes theres to do with as they wish. They are not bound to give it back to you when you feel you can run it again yourself. and can choose any name or clan vex they want.

If after talking to your clan, you have no other option, then check out the Looking for Admins thread and post there .

Best of luck with whatever you decide.
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15-Oct-2017 21:26:32

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