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Hi there! We at Global Elites are building a new clan that focuses on it's members and keeps 'scaping fun. We are laid back and understand that clanning should be fun, not part of the daily grind.

We are a members only (P2P) clan, that is our only requirement. Everyone is welcome to join us and although it would be great if you like capping (It's free xp!) capping isn't mandatory unless you wish to rank up quickly.

What can we offer you?
Citedel T1, working towards T2 (Hey we are brand new!)
Friends from around the world, a really diverse group of people.
Clan-mates with a lot of runescape experience who can help advise & guide you in-game.
Active discord channel, should you wish to use it.

How to rank up?
Be active in CC.
Help recruit.
Cap in citedel if you can, although not mandatory.
Be friendly and helpful.

Feel free to guest in our CC at any time or contact the following clan-mates for further information:
* Final Stanza - Owner
* LeFaye - Deputy
* ICarpe Diem - Deputy
* Mr ISP - Deputy
* Finnish Wolf - Deputy

We look forwards to meeting you soon! :)

Detailed Clan information can be found at QFC: 90-91-908-66011137
Limitless Syndicate CC / Long standing member of: Tree Hunt FC for Crystal Trees

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