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Hi there,

When searching for Masors under the Community>Clan>Search option, we are not being returned in the results for some reason. This is the same if I input other variations such as MaSoRS and Miners and Smithers of Runescape. We're an official clan that has been established for years so I'm not sure why it's not coming up. If a Mod could look into fixing this we would really appreciate it.

MaSoRS - Miners and Smithers of RuneScape

05-Oct-2017 08:28:56

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Hi yes confirmed, I think its confusing the search because of all the capital letters in the name.
Ma SoRS confuses the search to look for Ma So RS.
You can use inverted commas to find it like "masors", as this informs the search to find the contents inside the inverted commas. Or change the name to be without the capital letters inside the name.
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05-Oct-2017 09:47:34

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