Tier 2 citadel help advice.

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Citadel upgrade advice.

Hey guys can someone give me advice, I currently have our clan citadel upgrading to lvl 2 it says it is at 100% done, so does this mean that at the next build tick it will be upgraded to lvl 2. the upgrade cost is 12,240 we have on the job interface we have 7274 represented in blue and 4966 represented in green which adds to 12,240. The upgrade is for the strong hold which i am to understand is the citadel.
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20-Sep-2017 23:57:48

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Yes, upgrading the stronghold will upgrade your Citadel tier.

As long as you've met the Visitor requirement and the job says it is 100% completed in the upgrades interface, then your clan's Citadel will be upgraded from T1 to T2 once the next build tick occurs.

In the upgrades interface, the blue bar refers to resources that were gathered prior to the current build tick. The green bar refers to resources gathered during the current build tick.

Congrats on upgrading to Tier 2! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

I'll make a point to come back to this thread later, and there's always the chance of another clan leader popping in to answer you in the meantime. :)
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