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so the elves city is made up of 8 clans right so why cant we make a clan citadel made up of 5 clans? called grand citadel each clan has their own side to train and their banner stand proudly on their side of the citadel that doesn't mean that other clan member of the other 4 clan wont help out in capping but its all one big citadel with 5 clan in charge of their skills and all the member could train their skills to help each other cap. the clan leaders pick which clan has what skills now their will be some new skills to train since their is 5 clan so each clan has 3 skills to train and you don't have to be in their clan to cap and you could help the other 5 clan cap that way you could train that skill and help each other. I see this idea a lot better because it could really help out the small clan have the citadel experience and veteran player help new players clan and when their is a clan war the entire 5 clan vs 5 clan now that's a lot of pvp. I want to pick the style of the clan cape. the clan leaders has a different cape and so do the 5 founders of the granda citadel.(which are the clan leader of the clan ) and then cape goes by ranks now you only need 5 in a clan to help a Grand citadel. now the clan mascot aka the dragon could fight in a dragon arena but I wish to have more then just a dragon as a moscot and you could train the mascot in the battleground of your granda citadel and fight other clan mascot in the arena. once the dragon die in the arena you have to hatch a other mascot and train it and level up. the clan member could add armour and feed the dragon or other mascot you choice to have. i see the this benefitting the new member trying to level up the new member skill. if your clan is tier 7 is the only way you could open up a granda citadel with the clan leader of a smaller clans not a other tier 7 clan. it will smaller the clans in runescape since we have a lot and it will help out a lot of small clans experience the clan citadel. thank you -zero-

17-Jan-2017 01:58:15

Mod Matthe

Mod Matthe

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We have no current plans to add to the complexity of Clans and the Clan Citadel - it is already one of the most difficult pieces of RuneScape code to maintain or update and so this is not a suggestion we would want to develop at the moment. Mod MattHe | Former Community Manager, now in Events & occasional Lore Monkey

19-Jan-2017 14:17:38

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