Looking for clan to merge into

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hi there started a new clan today and saw Ur post wanted if u wanted to merge in mine we are crazy yet awesome ppl would be fun to have a go pm in game if u wana same name as on here my clan name in The F word

08-Oct-2017 23:32:16

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Hey Evoked, I would like to talk to you more on this merg. I am the owner of House of Skills. Leadership is A1, very coordinated and organized. We have a T7 Citadel, 240+ members, discord, a clan spreadsheet that auto does our ranks and just lets us know when someone needs a rank up, we are a skiller/pvm clan. Looking to expand with more Pvmers! We do daily raids and other high lvl pvm as well. Lets get in touch and discuss this.
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12-Oct-2017 19:03:29

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Hey Evoked,

I’m not sure if you have already found a clan to merge into or not. If you did Congrats!! Let me get to the point. I have you added on RuneScape but we may not share same time zone and may not be online at same time, so I was thinking if you could add me on Discord and we can talk about it on there to see if both of our clans are best fit for each other.

My discord name is: x Mr Jank#6328

If you like to check out our recruiting forums here’s link: QFC: 290-291-19-65924204

-Merge did not happen due to clan being small.
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