Runescape is a flat planet?

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Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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The game we play is flat, but Gielinor itself isn't. As seen in the video 'The Origins of Gielinor'. The Wiki has an article called 'scale theory', which explains why some stuff is so close together (and perhaps why the game world is flat). The RS Wiki needs a hand, and Bwian's will gladly take the rest of your body!
In the beginning the Universe was created.
This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

17-Jan-2019 20:36:30

Uncle Pob

Uncle Pob

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Jeremy Cheng said:
So with runescape having a definite edge where there's only black abyss outside, does this prove runescape is in fact a Flat Earth and not a sphere? Is this even explained in lore?

The planet's name is Gielinor. Not Earth.

18-Jan-2019 02:49:16

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