How full is your friends list?

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Apr Member 2019


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My friends list is not that full :(

I have 25 names on there, and a majority of the people on the list are no longer active. But, I fear deleting them and should they make a come back, I won't know if they are online.

On a side note, seems people don't talk as much in-game anymore. And sadly, not many people are befriended :(

15-Aug-2019 00:28:53

Thunder Jinx
Feb Member 2010

Thunder Jinx

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I have 179 accounts in my friends list, but a number of them are alts, I'm not gonna go through them and count how many different people they are.
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15-Aug-2019 05:38:16

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My friends list is full, and i have to keep my account where pple can see me
online cause im constantly deleting and adding players that talk to me.

I have a clan though and then just regular friends, and then pple that add
me randomly or people i have told to add me off forums that i would be
glad to help them.

For me the friends ive made on this game is one of the best things about
this game.
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15-Aug-2019 08:11:38

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