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8 of them are real life friends from which only 1 logs in every now and then. 3 of them are so inactive they reverted to [#bdfgdrgbkj].
2 of them are greenies.
1 is an alt I made some days ago to complete the dungeoneering challenges "heal someone by using a fish on them" and "complete a floor in a party larger than one".
1 is a guy with a rather offensive name who I reported once and I want to see when his name gets changed, but that doesn't seem to happen...
The remaining 5 are people I met in the game (1 of them is Corugi) and only 1 of them is still kinda active (not Corugi).

Ther used to be more ingame friends, but one suddenly wanted my login details after a long time being offline to make me some money but I refused, which seriously pissed him off, so I deleted him. Another dude forgot who I was. Some other real-life friends stopped playing and I never saw them online anyone (or they ignored me) so I deleted them as well.
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