Any DXPW traditions?

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Fox Totem

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No matter what I plan for dxpw I always try plant spirit trees a few days in advance.
I start every dwxp at the Etceteria spirit tree patch where I check health and plant another one. (which never grows in time to check health again before dxpw ends) Then I check the other patches and then move on to whatever I had planned for the weekend. Or just do random stuff as usual.

I was wondering if other players do something similar to start dxpw.
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26-Jul-2019 09:35:04

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In the weeks prior to DXPW, I typically sell whatever banked materials are experiencing a price bump. It's a great excuse for a little bank cleaning. Never uses treasure hunter keys. Never buys runepass, runecoins or bonds. Never pays extra for 'Premier' status. Never will.

26-Jul-2019 12:36:13

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i usually don't play because i have something more important going on. i'll be visiting with some people from china this weekend and won't be able to play at all. i guess if jagex really cared they would give you an aura that would let you experience DXPW whenever you had availability, but at this point i assume it's just a scheme to increase their number of players when sales are low since we get it so often now bring back the lumbridge pig pit

26-Jul-2019 12:38:35

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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I used to prepare stuff to do, but nowadays I just hoard resources and then use them on double exp weekends, leech off whatever portable skilling locations rich people place in Prif centre :P
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26-Jul-2019 13:20:33

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Before: always buying resources that yield either no end product or untradeable end products, to save money too but without having to worry about selling the end product. Summoning excluded of course, it's too broken to not train during dxp.

Now: skip playing during dxp altogether, exp is meaningless now so there's no reason to play with the downsides of dxp weekend in action.
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26-Jul-2019 14:02:08

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I always plant trees before, then first thing run to touch them for the xp. Then, I go through my protean stuff. Those two things would be the tradition. This time, I've added a bit of summoning. Oh, I also have started making sure I'm wearing superb feathered boots during the weekend.
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26-Jul-2019 14:52:51

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There are certain things I hoard the whole year around, just for the sake of selling with a massive premium just prior to Bonus XP events.
I often get it just a little wrong as to the optimal price points, but I have a fairly good sense for it now, so it's usually several hundred million in profit every time, for doing very little in the periods inbetween bonus events.

Of course, this is usually all spent on some expensive buyable skill, rather than just being stashed.

I also horde all of my Summoning charms, other than for doing daily challenges. Thus, it's quite normal for me to get 30-40m XP in Summoning every time a Bonus event rolls around.

26-Jul-2019 16:51:00

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I usually just ignore DXP weekends, or play less than I normally would.

It might be a good time to buy certain items that are mass produced and thus cheaper during DXP weekend.

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I visit Anja during DXP weekends to show that she is more important to me than xp. This has been my tradition for a few years now.
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