Goodbye, all. (120's too much)

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Hi there,

I'll try to keep this brief...

Returned about 14months ago, about 198m xp and 2300 total, now 790m'ish with 2732.

Enjoyed maxing and working on comp, it was tough with a family, house, job to upkeep but, I was lucky to be able to level while working and xp rates and AFK ability has increased well.

I did buy keys to help boost some of the parts of maxing I didn't enjoy. This was a welcome time saver for someone in my position however it's not something I want to do continuously.

My current goal was comping, as achieving it will have given me a sense of closure and achievement that I needed, so that I could enjoy the game more. I am just shy of comp nw and was looking forward starting PVM afterwards.

However with the release of 120 herb/farming and a new 120 skill all in 3 months, thus doubling the 120's required and adding about 22 99's worth of xp to comp, it has turned a fun reachable journey into something players like myself just cannot keep up with. I can only assume that even if I did try to do that over the next year we will then have 120 summoning or w/e else will be added then.

I want to add that I expect the upkeep of comp and would have enjoyed doing that, but adding that much in one go, will take me almost as much time as it took to do all but maxing.

Therefore I have decided to put down my account and continue with my life outside RS. It is surprisingly upsetting for me to feel I have to do this but having weighed up all the alternatives, I cannot see any other option.

I know some may feel I will return in the future, or you will always be back etc, but knowing that comp is something I can now never achieve and 120's becoming too prolific, I really couldn't and don't want to be part of a game that insists on that much of someone's life be a requirement.

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Hazel Eye
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Hey 69-R,

I returned to the game about 1,5 month ago and before that, I took a break of roughly 10 months. Guess what? It took me less than 12 in-game hours to reobtain comp. Obviously having 3 120's come out within the same grace period is a little over the top, but the past 11 months must have been really underwhelming in terms of content releases. Maybe it would be a good idea to spread out content across the year. Not only are the grace periods more graceful, but content creators actually get new content from continues updates and don't rely as much on their own creativity.

I understand your decision, take care bud.
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Looking at more than a decade of pushing resources to max hitting boundaries of what is humanly possible I agree that we've seen the max out of it and focus should return to developing a game for social interaction and gaming.

08-Oct-2019 10:39:21

Bruce Waynes
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People who have lives simply cannot get 120s, its an unreasonable amount of xp. RS3 Is like that bag of trash you see at the side of the road. You don't wanna go near it, and you forget about it as soon as you stop looking at it.
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