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Jeremy Cheng said:
Allow community helpers to help the community by giving them the ability to mute troublemakers for an hour (real life time).

Thoughts? CH are basically half player mods.

they have community mods in game?

22-Apr-2019 22:32:53

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I don’t see this as being necessary at all. The point of the role is to help people get the support they need, not mute them.

Some community helpers are also PMods or FMods and they already have mute/report tools consistent with those roles.

As things currently stand, community helpers don’t have any tools in-game beyond the title (RS3 only). I would be curious if you have ideas about integrating support in-game.
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23-Apr-2019 08:05:56

Chief Elf
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I think you'd be shifting the scope of their job towards moderation.

Unfortunately, when you are given the ability to moderate, you hold higher power than the rest. Your judgments directly impact on how others forum. This means that the community will hold perceptions of you.

Right now, Community Helpers (CH) are free from judgement by the forum community because they help out completely of their own volition and sacrifice a little bit of their time. The only merit they get is their title as CH, which represents that Jagex recognises their efforts.

If you start giving them powers, it might change the dynamic between them and the rest of the community.
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23-Apr-2019 13:11:53

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