Lost Items??

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Hi all,

Just curious if I've missed something as I've only just come back to the game.

I was just Pk'd killing Lava Strykewyrms and I had the Lava Shark Buff and my Protect Item prayer on, so I should have kept 5 items right?

I got teleported to Edgeville and only kept 2 items, is this a bug or did someone use an item or spell I'm not aware of.

I'm a bit frustrated.

11-Jun-2019 16:16:34

Kings Abbot

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Seems like you were skulled when you died. When you’re skulled, the amount of items kept on death is reduced from 3 to 0, using the shark and prayer brings up to 2.
You get skulled when you attack another player or get one by asking Mr. Ex in Edgeville.
If you didn’t attack another player you might have been skull-tricked somehow.
One of the following doors might have a towel behind it: [gate 6] - [wall 9] - [fence 37]

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Sounds like the PKer managed to trick you into getting skulled, but without video evidence it's hard to say for sure what happened, since even if you try to explain as in-depth as possible, you could've missed something and thus wouldn't be able to tell about it. If you used AoE abilities, those might have bounced to the PKer/their familiar and thus accidentally skull you in the process.

If you wanna avoid accidentally skulling in the future:
-Hide player attack option
-Turn off auto-retaliate
-Don't use AoE abilities
-Don't use a familiar
-Don't accept aid

And even though it's not directly related to skulling, if you want to avoid another scam involving protected items, don't pick up random loot on the ground in the wilderness, even if it's extremely valuable, as it might be a trap by a PKer to make you protect an item that is worth less than what you have, causing you to lose more than what you picked up.
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