I made a Autumn Voyage remix

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Pyhis Pahis
Sep Member 2019

Pyhis Pahis

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a fun project I thought I'd share. not a whole lot of time went into it.. maybe I'll do it better some day
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Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Only links to other pages on work, so links to youtube/the wiki/whatever have to be posted like plaint text.

I'm not into dubstep myself.
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09-Aug-2019 15:53:44

Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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I'm not a big dubstep fan either, but I can appreciate what you've done here. Nice work!

Autumn Voyage happens to be my all-time #1 favorite RS music track! The current in-game version is ok, but the classic version simply cannot be beat! :)
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10-Aug-2019 01:33:02

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