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So the name Id9101 is actually the name of an older Runescape account I created in 2007. When I used the name Id9101 to log in it sends me to another account I made called Lord Drisi which is a much lower level I made as a side account. So I decided to try to create an account with this Username and it worked and I had some old friends in my friendslist from way back. ( I was literally sitting next to one of them's he's my best friend)

Was my account deleted? Because there are literally reminisce of my old account. It was a level 88 or 89 is there a way to retrieve it at least or something?

27-Aug-2019 17:43:45

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Are you sure you have the correct username? Accounts do not get deleted. If you ever played on an account, that progress would be on RuneScape 3. If you logged into Old School RuneScape, you will not have any progress (unless you have already played it since February 22nd, 2013) due to the fact that everyone has to start from scratch.

You are probably logging into the wrong account or you have forgotten your original log in name. Try reading this Support article for further assistance: Dude... where's my stats?

27-Aug-2019 17:57:39

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Your name and your login are not the same. Your name can be changed as much as you want, but your login always stays the same. The Winner of September 2019's MUPAQ™ Award is
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28-Aug-2019 10:30:26

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Hi Id9101

Runescape accounts are not deleted. According to Runemetrics, Lord Drisi has a total level of 932 in RS3, and the last logged activity is in May 2016.

It is a low level account in OSRS, so you are probably confusing the two versions of the game - see the link Wynd gave you.
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