Taverly Tree Patch Glitch

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Aug Member 2019


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Hello, I am only posting this here because my report flag in game has disappeared completely and I can't find a forum for bugs.

After today's mobile update the tree farming patch and Alain the gardener have been moved north of the Taverly house portal. I would like to report that there is a graphical glitch which causes any trees grown there to be cut in half due to the house next door, and I would also like to report that Alain the Gardener will not take my payment of tomatoes to watch my patch as he says "I would, but there aren't any farming patches around here to look after." or he says "Sorry, I don't think I can help you."

Any help to get this to Jagex would be great since I can't find my report button.


02-Sep-2019 18:13:50

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