NXT and non scaled chat.

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There was a giant post about this before so if it still exists I do apolgize.
There is only one reason I don't use that NXT game format. It does NOT have the scaled chat I need to be able to play and read the chat.
I don't even use script glasses, just reading glasses of a very low level and still cannot read it without struggling or it being very annoying.

From what I understand Java will be removed from the game. We had always known at some point this may be an issue but unless scaled chat is on the NXT format, it will alienate a lot of players who do have eyesite disabilities or just need a little bigger chat.

I don't use a client at all. I use a straight browser log in because it does allow me to get the text size I need to be able to play with ease and enjoy chatting with my friends.

Please Fix NXT client for scaled chat/text.


01-Sep-2019 05:54:12

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I've left a helpful reply in the 'Do you still use Java' thread.

You're certainly not the first to ask for better readable chat...
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01-Sep-2019 10:00:55

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I has hax for you.
Go to C:\Program Files\Jagex\RuneScape Launcher, find RuneScape.exe.
Go to its properties and then compatibility tab, then change high dpi settings. Then override high dpi and set it to system.
Now it uses windows own built in scaling thing and you can change it from 100% to 350%.
For windows 10 click desktop and choose display settings and there it is under scale and layout.

03-Sep-2019 15:04:24

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