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I started this quest a few months ago and now want to complete it. How do I get back to where I left off in the quest.
I had just got to the point where I have to fight the pests after I got out of the cave we were trapped in.
I also dont have the black full helm (bugged) but still have the black platebody (bugged) and the Black platelegs (bugged).
Please can anyone advise me how to restart this quest as I would now like to get it finished.
Many thanks in advance of any advise.

09-Sep-2019 20:13:31

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You can't restart it.

Check the Wiki to see what your next step is and what the previous steps were to get familiar with the story if necessary. Click on 'Wiki' in the drop-down menu under 'Game Guide' at the top of this page. Once there, search for the quest using its name.
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If you're missing a piece of the armor. Speak with captain Korasi. They should be able to replace it for you. As to where you're at during the quest. Look at your quest journal. However most of this quest takes place in the black knights area in the Taverly Dungeon. May be worth investigating the area. ~Tranq~
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