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Mainly a few low level quests and bosses like Giant Mole and KBD. Some minigames too.

Not too much added to skills though. Fletching is new to f2p though. Otherwise, they let free players train every skill up to level 5.

Many member items were made f2p too, mainly the lowboe ones except protean items and fletching lamps/stars due to the new skill.

Oh! Correction... actually big update in Mining and Smithing. Everything from ores to bars to the smithing system has changed. Now, equipment has pluses. You definitely want to try this. :)

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Fire Hawk154 said:
XzarDragon said:
Hello everyone, im back into the game from more than 5 years, ex-member as well and i have a few questions

1) whats the main difference?

2) whats revelant to do in f2p these days?

3) general opinions about the state of the game both f2p and p2p

4) general feedback and things i should considering seeing as it different from the pasts

also if its not in the current forums, could a Fmod change to the correct forums. also thanks! ;)

1) you can buy loads of bonus XP and GP to skip gameplay

2) Nothing, all moneymaking methods have become mediocre at best due to inflation and lack of improved droptables. Skill wise you can still max skills but they're not as valuable as they were years ago. They also removed high level content.

3) F2P - worst state it's been in. P2P - fine if you love PvM, has seen better times though

4) There are a lot more elite PvM bosses, if that's not your cup of tea you might as well migrate to OSRS which is the healthier game and has a more diverse community.

1) Players can buy load of GP to skip gameplay since 2012 with Bonds. OP probably knew it already. It is nothing new. As a free player, OP can't buy many bonus XP since free players are limited to use only a small sample of stars.

2) Jmods already blew away the "inflation in RS3" lie in live stream. RS3 is in deflation for years because of Invention and Mining and Smithing Rework among other updates. Inflation and subsequent counter-inflation measures like taxes? That's only in the other game but definitely not in RS3. GE historical graphs show it.

3) PvM always get more attention in Jagex games, whether you are f2p, because modern players are more into action based content. Free players should be glad you get some bosses to kill that they couldn't in >5 years ago.

4) What? Elite mobs? Of course they are not free players' cup of tea because elite mobs are member content

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