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I believe you must have enough views on your videos or enough subscribers to your channel. I only watch stuff on YT and don't put stuff there myself, so I'm not that familiar with it. One of the following doors might have a towel behind it: [SQRT(-1)] - [2^3] - [3.1415927]

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Might be best to email as they'd be able to advise you. We as players unfortunately can't give you a definitive yes or no answer. In the past I think it was as long as it wasn't huge amounts of money it was alright but my memory is fuzzy. ~Tranq~
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Louiellen said:
Correct, any feedback you will hear from people here are just opinions.

Better receive information directly from Jagex's Legal team.
Or consult an actual lawyer. In particular, find out what constitutes fair dealing. Jagex's legal team have every incentive to skew it in a way that suits their interests, not yours. That being said, unless you're planning to make an actual living off of YT, I don't think it matters which of the parties you consult.

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