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10-Jun-2019 01:33:41

Fire Hawk154

Fire Hawk154

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Sea King said:
It's like 10 bots per world now. Aside from w2, there are no worlds that doesn't have bots.

Willing to pay a group of people to pk these bots. Pm me in game.

They already get killed a lot in F2P, because they carry more wealth than a PKer (thanks to all those updates that made armour cheap as dirt).
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10-Jun-2019 20:16:41

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These threads are boring.

Jagex making cursed p2p won't fix it.

At the end of the day, it is not easy detecting bots when they change their methods. Bot detection will always remain 1 step behind.

Cope with it. It happens in most MMORPGS.
And report it when you see it!
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