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Devil Cried
May Member 2019

Devil Cried

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So, starting over again after way to long. Sitting around combat level 62, and wondering where do I go with it now. What order should I level skills now? What tasks should I take up? I am really stalling out, and looking for an efficient way to keep moving forward.

11-Jun-2019 18:06:53

Jan Gold Premier Club Member 2008


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Are you playing RS3 or OSRS?

If RS3 I dont mind helping you get things going with advice and answers.
Just PM me

On the other hand.. if its OSRS i dont play that version of the game so I
wont be of any help sorry.
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11-Jun-2019 20:34:23

NonMax Jake
Nov Member 2018

NonMax Jake

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If it's RS3 I would suggest getting premier club and buying keys to start off. Then you can get a good grounding. A lot of the auras are locked behind premier club so if you don't have it then you're kinda screwed. If it's osrs, feel free to add me and I'm keen to chill. I think quests are a good start for OSRS. Please remember that the forum is not for debating. It is for echoing views only. If you see someone opposing someone else's views, please report this so it can be dealt with.

11-Jun-2019 20:36:26

Jun Gold Premier Club Member 2006


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You should start doing slayer and summoning.

Slayer mobs give you very nice loot at mid level and summoning helps you a lot with free inventory slots and another combat sidekick. :)

11-Jun-2019 20:54:59

May Member 2018


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Quest grind if you’re into that. Skill grind if you’re into that. Level combat/slayer/herblore if you want to do pvm.

Common account goals are:
Unlock invention (80 smith/craft/div)
Unlock menophos (few easier quests and few lower level requirements)
Unlock Prifddinas (elf city, lots of lvl 75s and a fair number of quests)
Get useful dung unlocks (charming imp, bone crusher, scrolls etc)
Get a fast/cheap level 99 (firemaking, cooking, fletching etc)
Get an afk 99 (fishing, wc, mining, combat etc)
Get a profitable 99 (rc, mining, wc etc)
Get 85 slayer for good money making tasks
Max combat skills
Get 96 herb for overloads
Get fast/expensive 99s (herb, crafting, summoning, prayer etc)

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