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Well as you know. The original forum dont get a say on this. Only reddit. Which makes sense as its abou pvp.

Why dont you sponser reddit and make it look better and close this down.

Can you lot see whats happening yet??

one shit poll just ended. Now boom straight into another pvp poll. you lot bored yet?

More content hidden behind pvp.

I would say they dont put it on announcments on their own website, because people will flame it down and its stuck. Sucks man the direction this is heading :( ima just max now for memories.

Imagine not posting about an update on your own forum

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I have decided to lock this thread based on the following reasons:

1) this is not the Old School RuneScape General forum, but the RuneScape 3 General forum


2) this seems more like a rant, rather than constructive criticism.

10-Sep-2019 18:04:57

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