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10-Sep-2019 11:20:38

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saying kittay kittay kittay kittay kittay kittay 10,000 kittay. then being told by another go to w42. and then asking them what they mean just to get an answer like go fuck your self isnt means of putting that person on my ignore just to have them tell the player mod I was being mean to them
like I said they should die and what not cause I don't like being harassed is ok with everybody else please tell me cause im not you im 30 years old and I dont take this rudeness kindly. IS that ok for you youngsters?

10-Sep-2019 11:27:00

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10-Sep-2019 11:36:30

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First off the forums aren't for naming and shaming. As here we're only hearing one side of this tale told exclusively by you. We won't let others tarnish your reputation, just like we won't let you tarnish theirs.

That being said if you see a player mod acting unmodly then you can report them just like anyone else. Also remember that player mods are just that were all players. Which means they don't have to help you at all.

If what you say is true it's sounds to me that they felt you were trying to roleplay. The official world chosen by the players for such actions was world 42. Everywhere else you'll find players uninterested in roleplay.
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10-Sep-2019 11:42:23

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