Tears of Guthix (quest) glitch

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Zach Attackk
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Zach Attackk

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So, I tried starting the Tears of Guthix quest today and I found out I cannot, despite having every requirement to do so. I have the skill reqs, item reqs, and quest point req, I was not holding anything in my hands or had any gear whatsoever

You start the quest by speaking to Juna the snake and telling her a story, but every time I try my character says um... well.. and it says my story does not impress her and it says I need 44 quest points (I have 149) and the completion of Tears of Guthix quest (THATS WHAT IM BLOODY TRYING TO DO). I've tried every chat dialogue option, Ive tried logging in and out nothing is working, I even mined the stone to make the bowl and it says I cant because I havent started the quest. Is there anything I'm missing here?

01-Aug-2019 18:28:05

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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It's a known issue and threads have been made about it already. The Winner of September 2019's MUPAQ™ Award is
! Congratulations!
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01-Aug-2019 18:42:49

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