how to make music louder?

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a lot of old music tracks just sound really quiet compared to the new ones. which make them sound weak and unimpactful.

and yet, maxing the music setting in the options does little.
is there anything that can be done?

04-Sep-2019 23:48:21

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^ Worth a try.

If you’re using extrenal speakers, perhaps a cable has a bad connection? I often have that and all the high tones hardly come through until I turn the plug a bit in the socket.

I’ll give it a try myself later today, what songs (f2p if possible please) did you compare?
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Turn up the volume in runescape game settings (seems you already did that)

Turn up the volume on your speakers or headphones.

Assuming you are using a computer - Turn up the volume on your operating system. You may have a sound volume control program running in your system tray, so check the system tray and adjust your sound from there - or check the system sounds program and adjust them in your control panel.

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