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Your screwing over comp and trim with 120 dung and slay then youve managed to make a poll kiss 120 butt too. What the literal f**k. This is ridiculous! Summoning already very long and expensive in the game and they get w/e they want makes normal players not even want to bother.

Starting to think mtx just want to give Jag excuses to make 120s the new 99s. Also some 120 skills perks already better than 99s. Power creep much? No ine has time for this shit to 120.
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22-Mar-2019 09:55:03

Aria Ventus
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Aria Ventus

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As much as I concede 120s shouldn’t be the norm until I first see concepts of buffing existent experience rates for the 99 to 120 range I feel compelled to ask:

Every Update Kisses PvMers Butt

That your other troll alt? Or are you just hitching on the backs of other inflammatory or trolling posts?
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