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i recived an email from saying that my email adress has been changed is this a phishing email as I am able to still sign in. How do I check what email address is linked to my account to make sure it is still the same and not been changed. Just to point out also there is a link that says 'cancel email change'.

The email was sent on 30th august and it was in my junk email and I haven't tried to change my email adress also I do not know the email address it says it has been changed too.

02-Sep-2019 18:22:38

Skod River
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Skod River

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Hey SkilltoQuest.

Do that email have your display name in it ?

Do it have a cancel option in it ?

If it do not have your display name mention in it , is it fake.

If there are a Cancel option in it are it fake.
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02-Sep-2019 18:43:06

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Since you said it has a cancel option, it is FAKE.

Jagex emails never have a cancel option, so that's a surefire way of checking if its real or not.

do NOT click anything in that email at all, and ignore it completely, its just a phishing attempt.
you can ofcourse, check which registered email you have within the game, by clicking the "Account settings" button in the lobby.

if you have clicked anything in that email, scan your PC for viruses and change your password's both for your email, your runescape accounts and anything else you may well have logged into, as it most likely will have put something nasty onto your PC.

This email looks like its from the "real" email sender though, so don't add it to your blocked senders list. phishers are sometimes able to make an email seem like it comes from the legitimate place, which is why looking for things like the "cancel" option becomes a necessary thing.

02-Sep-2019 18:47:49

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Forward the email to and, then delete it @Chee__RS
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04-Sep-2019 10:10:55

Asahel Frost
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Chee said:
Forward the email to and, then delete it
Please, only one of these!

The emails go to the same team in Jagex (ICU), in separate queues, so sending the same information to both is unnecessary. In this case, the reportphishing is the appropriate email address to send it to. You may find the email is blocked by your email provider due to the dodgy liks, in which case, you can send a screenshot instead.

Here's some security advice:
Security Help
Keeping your email secure

Advice on recognising phishing emails and websites:
Phishing websites and suspicious emails
Is this a Jagex email? [Info]
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