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I got a green message, earlier tonight, telling me I had enough fragments to make the Elder Divination outfit. So, I went to the Invention Workbench above Falador, and looked for the blueprint to make the rest of the parts I need to make the Elder Divination outfit (I have several parts of all 3 outfits), but there is no option to make said pieces I need. So, what is wrong? I tried right clicking on the fragments, and no option shows; there is no option in the Invention Category; and I am level 118 Invention (outside of not doing the electric or steam parts of Invention with Grubfoot). Do I need to do that to get the blueprints to make the Elder Divination outfit? No, I don't own the Elder Divination outfit-I checked my bank and Diango does not have, but the bits and pieces I already own. I am at a loss.

Once again, I have parts of all 3 sets of the Divination, and all of the fragments to make the rest of the parts, but way to combine the fragments, as there is no blueprint option or any option available to make it at the Invention Workbench. Yes, I have made other outfits like the fishing one, so I know how it works, but this one has me stumped!!!

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