Treasure Hunter Keys halfed?

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Normally I would recieve 4 treasure hunter keys a day but now I'm only getting 2 a day? I used to get 2 before Membership, and then I bought Membership, got 4 a day but now its got back to 2? Is there a new update I missed etc or a bug? Anyone else getting the same problem?

06-Jun-2019 15:00:13

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There was a double daily key promotion from May 20th to June 2nd for all players, so the daily keys you're getting now is the regular rate: 1 for F2P, 2 for regular P2P, 3 for premier members etc.
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06-Jun-2019 15:03:18

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Hi, you get 2 Keys, heaps better then i receive, I used to receive 2 keys per day, being a gold member Supposedly, now i am receiving 1 per day, some days I get a Big Fat ZERO, up to 5 days at a time and longer, not only once but on a regular time to date, I have written a Bug report way too many times for Keys, and it's embarrassing, having to write in, Now I am given 1 a day for the last few days after sending in another Bug report, Am I being picky or perhaps there is more to it? no surelly not, I think I'm being Paranoid, Dimesion of Disaster, Killed and cooked just on 200 undead beef, first time, 2cond time, over 1600, now 3rd time over 1600 still going, wrote 2 BUG repotes, How Many Beef do i need to Cook before Urn is Full, getting tired, exploding 5 cows, Cant get to Zamouregal as completed before fight, HELP

31-Jul-2019 17:14:35

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You don't get a new daily key if you didn't use the one from the day before.

Also, your description isn't really the place to ask help for another problem. Just make a thread about it (if you haven't already).
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