SCAMMER please help

Quick find code: 14-15-877-66119503

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04-Sep-2019 22:51:43

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Sounds like you go phished. To my knowledge, about all you can do is report it.
You should only use you login on the official Runescape page, and client.
Many more people are doing this....just beware!
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04-Sep-2019 22:56:06

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Firstly, you should remove the name and links from your post. It's against the rules to name and shame on the forums, and other players might follow those links and fall victim to them.

Report the player in game and send all details of this to

Unfortunately, Jagex will not be able to return your items. You should work to secure your account. Have a read of the securing your account page.


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CM Nick

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@Crazycook - I've hidden your first post as it contains naming and shaming, and also a link to a phishing site.

This is indeed a scam, and a fake RuneScape website. Always be sure to check the URL, and never log into RuneScape via a link you followed from anywhere other than the official RuneScape site.

In the future, you can send an email to or to notify about phishing sites.
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04-Sep-2019 23:06:12

Soul Dancer
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Soul Dancer

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The tipoff email address seems to work but the reportphishing doesn't. EDIT...TIPOFF@JAGEX.COM didn't work either.

Here's what happened to me (names of possible scammer and mod who approved possible scammer have been deleted, but I'll keep note of them just in case).

Part 1
Ok, I’d just like to explain what happened a couple of days ago that caused me to lose (or stolen from) 45 Million coins and get banned.
I started playing this game many years ago. I paid to play for 5 years and did get a reward for those 5 years, cape, I think, can’t remember. I then quit playing because I went back to school at around age 54. I started playing again about 6 or so months ago.
When I started playing again, I noticed at some point I had around 30 million coins and 160,000 maple logs. I can’t remember how I got those logs, I don’t think I chopped all those but then again, my wc level was high when I started playing again. There’s a chance I might have picked up a ‘note’ for that many logs, I can’t remember.
I remember hearing about a problem w/bots. I assumed (yeah, I know), that they were some kind of computer program I had no clue what it was or how to …bot. I still don’t know. But, because I sold many of those logs recently, I was banned for, I guess, ‘botting’. I had been fletching those logs into bows. I’d fletch about 3-400 and sell them. At one point, I couldn’t sell them because of the amount I was trying to sell at one time. I researched the inability to sell and saw for the first time in almost 10 years, that a limit had been set on the GE for the number of items sold due to…”bots”. Ok, I understood, I agreed. But when I just thought I’d try selling the maple logs, I had no problem doing it. I was at about 32 million coins at that time and after selling a number of logs, I reached about 45 million coins. This was around 50 hours ago.
At that same time, a person was announcing that he/she was giving away millions of coins to a certain amount of people (first

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13-Sep-2019 21:42:57

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Soul Dancer said:
The email address doesn't work.
You will not get a response from that email address. It's designed to only receive messages.

13-Sep-2019 21:43:12

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13-Sep-2019 21:43:31

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