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Hello all,

I am reaching out to discuss an ongoing problem with the pvming side of the community. However this may/could apply to all in general. Let us first ask the question to ourselves: "Should someone be banned from a friends chat, clan, or discord etc just because they are banned from a completely separate one?" MY answer is NO! Simply because I did not do anything wrong in the other said communities. Another point to be noticed here is that all major communities have guidelines and rules to be a part of it. It does not include automatic ban if you are banned in another known community. The templates mainly include rule breaking towards them. Which I personally am not guilty of. At this point you might as well ban from every major community in the entire game right? I want to reach out to leader/creators and high ranking mods that to do something like this isn't right. From a jagex rule standpoint yes. I can ban whoever I want from my clan without question. However in a general population related community, such as the penguin friends chat there has to be a non bias playing field for everyone. Unfortunately not everyone respects that. So Clan leaders, Friends chat mods, discord owners ask yourselves. You have a frequent flyer in your community that doesn't or has never given you any trouble Should you be socially obliged to automatically ban that person all because he is banned in a separate community? What about from an ethical standpoint? Moral standpoint? In this certain situation I see a person being singled out by multiple communities coming together against this person for example. That is NOT how to properly run a respectable community.

Thank you
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27-Aug-2019 15:26:22

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This issue with you not getting along with other people seems to have going on for a while now. For an outsider it is hard to believe you are innocent if it keeps on happening time and time again. Even if they kick you now just because of your reputation as a troublemaker, it must have started somewhere, such things don't start out on their own. Do they not tell you why you are kicked out or something? It's clear there is something they don't like you are doing or saying. The Winner of September 2019's MUPAQ™ Award is
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27-Aug-2019 15:43:08

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Also it's probably your own fault for getting banned. Suck it up, buttercup.

edit: if you own a chat channel you can kick and ban whoever you want for no reason. whether your like it or not is your problem. you can't tell someone how to run their shit show.

edit2: i'm banning you from my CC and FC.
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It works like this more or less int he real world. Suppose you're working somewhere, and you screw your company over, or you tell a lot of lies, maybe you fight with people...once you're fired, why should other places hire someone known for being reckless? Why should a new company hire someone that lost their credibility? It would hurt them more than help them to hire you.

same applies in game. you go crazy with 1 well known FC, other FCs will put you on the ban list too.

You dun goofed, actions have consequences.
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27-Aug-2019 15:58:59

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This is a remake of another locked thread.

You can't rant about how other people run their community FC, CC or Discord. You have been told you need to try and sort it in game only and not within the forums where nothing can be done.

Please don't remake it. This is the 3rd locked thread about it.

Thank you for understanding.
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27-Aug-2019 16:02:51

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