Fossil Island Vs Menaphos

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Anachronia is going to be added just in the right time for the month of Fireworks and Celebration.

Not that sure about "Fossil Island" though.

Different games have different content. One may ask if it is too late to add cosmetics to OSRS? Perhaps it is too late because RS3 has beaten OSRS long ago and now OSRS suddenly knows they need partners and Mod Sheen said OSRS players asked for cosmetics things too...

So, different games have different content. I think in RS3 most players think maybe it is a little late for the game to get fascinating modernized content such as Big Game Hunting, but there is nothing being too late or too early. It is the quality of the content the players enjoy that counts... it is the quality of the game Jagex's Partners approve that counts even more... :)

Anyway, I think most players will ask if it is too late to ditch the damn dumb outdated uninspiring training methods in Menaphos when they see the modernized RS3 content.

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